The Power Of Imagination And Writing!

Huguette Antoun

Suddenly I felt I’m not interested in following your news and what you’re doing anymore, after months and more of a consistent follow up!

In my head and in my
story, we were together the entire time, we had some divine time…you were
incredibly caring, astonishingly crazy, more passionate than me!

I’m not sure I recognize the real you anymore!

Who are you?

You look totally different than the person I was spending time with during the last month…
We are inseparable and we love it…you can’t take your eyes off me and everybody is so jealous and envious!

Your real version is a stranger to me and I’m not interested in you anymore,
I’m not into people who ignore me and don’t appreciate me and treat me differently…

I’m very busy having a
great time with my hero story to the extent of forgetting completely about you!


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