Surviving: Chapter 9

The California Writer

After school, Max goes up to Demetrius and tells him that Eli was involved in the incident that happened to Anthony. Demetrius confronts Max, “Let’s F**k this bastard up.” Max agrees with him and says, “Yeah. Meet me at Mr. B’s store at 4.” They both walk home. Max walks into his house and can see his father sleeping on the couch. He looks around the house and sees dishes all over the living room. There are cockroaches all over the floor. Max goes straight to his room and lays down on the bed. Someone knocks on his door. Max says, “Who is it?” A soft voice calls him, “It’s your mother, Maximilian. Can I come in son?” He lets her in his room. She says to Max, “Where were you last night?” Max sits up from his bed and says, “I stayed at Demetrius house. It was late, and…

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