Happy International Women’s Day!❤️💪❤️

🖤 Steph's Poetry and Such🖤

Happy International Women’s Day to every single one of you amazing women on this earth! You make the world a more sincere, colorful, profound,(I could go on) place to exist. You! Ya smart, graceful, rebel-angel-little-lady, reading this right now, whether you’re 20, 55, or 105, your people are grateful for you!! I’m telling you this because I know how they feel about you. Well, I assume that I know🤷 because I feel the same too about the ladies in my life. My sister’s, my mother(and in-law), my aunt’s, my grandmother’s, my daughter, my friend’s.. they’re strong, independent, supportive, loving, kind…They’re the decorations to my life. They make my life so magnificently lovely. I’m so grateful for the women this universe presented to me! Just like these ladies inspire and motivate me everyday, you do too! You lovely human being I’m talking to.
Ladies, today, treat yo-self as Donna and Tom…

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