Networks Hype ‘Disturbing’ Lower Tax Refunds, Ignore When Payouts Top 2018

PA Pundits - International

By Julia A Seymour ~

As if searching for a way to criticize the late 2017 tax cuts, the broadcasts networks aired a series of panicked reports about tax returns in February. Roughly 80 percent of Americans taxes were cut by the legislation, yet the broadcasts complaints fostered a misleading implication that taxes were not cut.

ABC, CBS and NBC evening news shows focused on a “backlash” against President Donald Trump from early filers angry over lower refunds. However, once average tax refunds rose back to levels “consistent” with last year the networks ignored the story.

During the last week of February, the Treasury Department found tax refunds had risen and caught up (or slightly surpassed) the average returns from a year ago. Again on March 7, the Treasury Department tweeted that tax refunds “last week remain consistent with 2018 refund levels.”

Of the three evening news shows, NBC

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