You can’t beat Mum’s cooking

Baffled Mum

When I think back to my childhood, I remember a drink my mum would make us as a special treat. My parents were very strict with sugar intake so chocolate, sweets & fizzy drinks were a once-a-week delight to look forward to. As was this…

Coke mixed with milk!img_6268.jpg

And not any milk but gold top, full fat, milk. Mixed in equal portions and blitzed in the blender with ice! Delicious! The week would feel so long as I would be waiting anxiously for the days to pass and Sunday to arrive so I could indulge in this marvel of an invention. 😋

Funny thing is, I tried it a little while ago and couldn’t stomach it! In fact, it gave me a belly ache! The only difference between my recipe and my mum’s, was the milk used. Instead of gold top (which is hard to come by nowadays), I used…

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