Mushrooms in Garlic, Cream and Cheese Sauce with Saffron Rice

Finger licking Flavours

photo_15526993426675880215058196927716.jpg Season with salt and herb

Mushrooms tastes best when they are not overloaded with spices and they turn divine when they are combined with cheese and cream.The dish I am unfolding here is a dish inspired by Italian cuisine from the region of Tuscany.The dishes in Italy are regional specific and are made from the fresh ingredients available.photo_15526993275805840200912741052906.jpgThe style of cooking is very simple without using any elaborate creations and seasonings and the idea behind is to bring out the natural flavors in dish.The basic ingredients like onion,garlic ,cheese and olive oil are used in this dish.photo_1552699331087712345646822672656.jpgMostly these dishes are served along with pastas or breads but I have given a slight twist by serving it along with saffron flavored rice and this resulted in a beautiful amalgamation of flavors.To experience this union of flavors you need to try out the dish for yourself and so we need…

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