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Once we reach our objective of having 1Billion Members, Admin will be paying out about $11,000,000,000.00 in Bitcoin Bounties monthly. How much of a slice of that pie do YOU want? The advantage of being in an opportunity early, is that YOU can position YOURSELF to get a much bigger slice of what it will pay out to the world by the time it grows to its maximum level. YOU should feel blessed to be a part of TBC right now, knowing that YOU are positioned to catch the tsunami wave of Passive Residual Income coming out of the Bitcoin Bounties to be PAID OUT!

When YOU see this chart above, YOU should conclude that only about 1Million people will be getting a very large slice of this $11,000,000,000.00 pie. YOUR timing is good, only a handful of TBCians are earning these kind of Monthly Retirements right now, but in a month that number will jump, and within a couple of months we will already be able to figure out who will fill those million spots on this chart. Are YOU going to make the right kind of effort to get YOURSELF onto this chart? Most of YOU reading this article are going to let this pie slip through your fingers, and YOU are NOT going to get very much of this pie. That’s going to be sad for those of YOU that let this special pie slip through YOUR fingers, because this pie is MONTHLY RETIREMENT INCOME! The MOST IMPORTANT PIE! Think about it!!! YOU will be kicking YOURSELF if all you end up with of this pie is a few crumbs, NOT even enough to call it a slice of the pie.

How can someone recruit 100,000 people into TBC, like what you see at the top of this chart? The answer is: by SCALING. Ace Fletcher and Mbeh Derick are not just names, they have become BRANDS! They have followers that want to be like them. They both have “Scaled” up their operation to the point where both of them have personally signed up over 2,000 New Members each. They both already have a $25,000.00 a month Bitcoin Bounty Retirement, and they are just getting started! If YOU look carefully at their contest results since the time we started the weekly contests YOU can see how they have scaled up their operations. Paying It Forward became necessary for both of them in order to consistently win the contests week after week. They reinvested their earnings in TBC in order to Pay It Forward, right? Also, they both hired Employees we call “Bird-dogs” in order to recruit the large numbers of New Members each week. I’ve written articles on both “Pay It Forward” and “Bird-Dogging.” Review those! This process of reinvesting and growing a team of “Bird-dogs” is what scaling is all about. They are currently recruiting triple digit numbers weekly, before you know it they will scale up to 4 digit numbers weekly. When YOU can recruit over 1,000 New Members a week, YOU are on YOUR way to to the top of this chart, and even having 100,000 personal recruits is within YOUR reach.

Don’t hesitate to duplicate what YOU see them doing. Frankly I’m surprised how small the number is attending Mbehs’ online training. He’s not even charging YOU to attend!!! Big Mistake! Take advantage of his training, because I recommend that he charge for it. He should be earning an income from coaching! Ace hasn’t even started an online training program yet, but he will! He should charge for it too! These guys are quickly becoming Cash Flow Millionaires. That is the best kind of Millionaire to be. It’s one thing to be a Millionaire on paper with say real estate assets, but Cash Flowing a Million Dollars a year is the best! Plug into what they are doing, and duplicate it for YOURSELF. YOUR slice of this $11,000,000,000.00 pie awaits YOU!

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